Sencillo de Nelly Furtado
del álbum Folklore
Lanzamiento 27 Septiembre 2004

Descarga Digital

Grabación 2003
Género Pop / Rock
Duración 03:45
Discográfica DreamWorks Records
Escritores Nelly Furtado
Gerald Eaton
Productor Gerald Eaton
Listas de ventas
Cronología Singles de
Nelly Furtado
"The Grass Is Green"

"Explode" fue el cuarto single del segundo álbum de estudio Folklore de la cantante canadiense Nelly Furtado. Fue lanzado en 2004 en Canadá pero no en Estados Unidos. Explode fue escrita por Furtado y Gerald Ealton y producida por este último. Furtado explicó que la canción surgió de un poema que ella escribió llamado "Teenage waste"(Pérdida adolescente). La canción habla de la adolescencia y de lo que hace explotar a los adolescentes.



El video fue dirigido por Bradley Clayford y Furtado y fue producido en el Centro Técnico de Toronto. Parte del video es una caricatura de Furtado que la muestra recorriendo varios lugares, y en la otra parte aparece ella cantando vestida de azul y moños en la cabeza y comienzan a caer papeles casi al final.

Letra de la Canción

Vera's face burnt as a memory of bedroom fun With a ligther and some hairspray Smoking in the girls' room Not worse than Shelley's rape behind the McDonald's By a man she thought was fine, didn't tell anybody Or maybe back then we just thought that she was getting some

Now we look back and see that she didn't know how We never thought that we'd get caught up Stuck in the teenage waste

As we explode As we explode As we explode As we explode

Then getting drunk in the bushes by the road outside the Kmart Rolling around in them to see if you would get prickled Slip the acid on your tongue rooftop shopping mall parkade We couldn't get enough

Then count the stars and the ten million woes Just you and the universe judging each other We never knew that we'd get caught up Stuck in the teenage waste

As we explode As we explode As we explode As we let go

It's a fight, it's a fight and you finally belong Got a shiner now and it's more than a battle scar More than a battle scar, such a good, good story to tell At lunch break, lunch break, lunch break, lunch break Such a good, good story to tell

You bully, you break, you bully, you break You fake, you fake, you fake, you fake You smoke, you toke, you want, you flaunt, you hit it and you're in it and it's spinning

And it's wild We never thought that we'd get caught up Stuck in the teenage waste

As we explode As we explode As we explode As we let go

We're counting the stars We're counting the stars We're gonna go far, we're gonna go far We're counting the stars, we're counting the stars We're not very far, we're not very far

And it's you and me in the open air It's truth or dare, we don't care We're counting the stars, we're counting the stars, we're counting the stars, we're counting the stars.

Lista de Canciones

  1. Explode (Album Version)
  2. Força (Armand van Helden remix)
  3. Força (RuiDaSilva vocal remix)


Lista (2004) Posición máxima
Argentina 4
Austria Top 75 54[1]
Holanda Top 40 13
Holanda Top 100 36[2]
Alemania 34[3]
Alemania Airplay 24[4]
Costa Rica 21
México 15
Suiza 38[5]
Ucrania 24


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